Bolly Optima Series One

ser1Bolly Optima Series One

These are (1) one piece propellers featuring optimized pitch distribution, blade shape and weight distribution to deliver the best efficiency, lowest weight and smoothest running. This is an expensive manufacturing option and can only be undertaken for specific applications. All BOS-1 props are supplied factory balanced. Painted tips (as shown) is an option at an additional cost.

Product Code Information
BOS1 54 x 24 N L This prop has proven to be very popular and of excellent performance on power assisted hang guiders. Just 720gm with 1 inch shaft diameter. See below information re Airtime Products / Explorer
BOS1 54 x 24 N L M As per the above 54 x 24 but with a changed hub size enabling it to be used on the popular “Mosquito” brand powered hang glider. The Mosquito prop is thinner in hub depth.
BOS1 54 x 22 N R Almost identical to the above with a touch less pitch for an extra 200rpm and coarsen the RH rotation. Also used on backpack “chutes” (diameter trimmed) about 45 kg thrust.
B I S 1 54 x 22 SR This is a model propeller (1/2 Scale) which has been used by many for various applications such as back packs twins etc.
At such low pitch it must be high rpm use. Has been tested to near 6000 rpm


Series 1 codes Product description Type AU$ Retail Export$ Retail
BOS1 54 x 24 N L 54×24 Narrow, LH rotation 2 blade $800.00 $727.27
BOS1 54 x 24 N L M 54×24 Narrow, LH rotation 2 blade-Mosquito hub $800.00 $727.27
BOS1 54 x 22 N R 54×22 Narrow, RH rotation 2 blade $800.00 $727.27
BOS1 36 x 14 S R 36×14 Standard, RH rotation 2 blade $800.00 $727.27

Airtime Products: The BOS1 54 x 24 / 22 N L props were initially developed and sold in conjunction with Airtime Products of Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia. Airtime manufactured the popular “Explorer”, Radne powered hang glider (featuring our propellers). The production of the Explorer is now under new management. See for more details.


continue to supply and service anyone who wishes to purchase these popular propellers, including the (new) Airtime and any of the “original” customers.

Please Note : We are not in a position to offer technical support re engine / gearbox / prop combinations (we are prop manufacturers who fly bigger machines).

Also see our BOS4 (folding) prop information sheet or web page.