Service Centre

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Bolly Products are backed by their Service and Repair Centre.

Please contact one of our friendly service centre staff for any maintenance, repairs or advice.

Below are some examples of services and price

Type Description Price Range
Tip Repair Minor Tip Repair without the need to re Dur-Tuff the Blade $20 to $70
Tip Repair Major Tip repair with the need to Re Dura-Tuff the Blade $100 to $170
Dura-Tuff Retro fit or replace damaged Dura-Tuff $99.00
Remold Full Remold of a Propeller Blade $99.00
Remold & Re Dura-Tuff Full Remold and replaced Dura-Tuff $190.00
Balance Check weight & balance & Re balance Blades as needed No charge

Bolly Aviation understands the urgency of Pilots wanting their Aircraft back in the air especially flying schools, so fast turnaround times are our priority.